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Enrich your understanding of Masonic history. Develop a new skill to help your lodge excel. Learn from seasoned Masonic leaders - or share your expertise with a new generation. Lifelong learning is the mark of a great leader - and a great Mason.

Annual Communication: Our largest annual membership event unites brothers from throughout California for statewide business and fellowship.

Leadership Retreats: Annual retreats for lodge officers and inspectors provide targeted training for each office.

Lodge Management Certification Program: Held each summer, these helpful courses address the unique management and administrative responsibilities of today's lodges.

Public Schools Month: Each April, lodges throughout California celebrate and raise awareness for the importance of public education.

SummerFest and HarvestFest: The Masonic Homes hosts two annual events to celebrate Masonic fellowship: SummerFest, in Covina, and HarvestFest, in Union City.

California Masonic Symposium: Each year, the California Masonic Symposium addresses a topic of historical and philosophical relevance to Masonry.

UCLA Annual International Conference: The Grand Lodge of California co-hosts an annual conference with the Freemasonry and Civil Society Program at the University of California, Los Angeles. The events are always open to the public.

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